My name is Katie Entigar and I am a teacher of ESOL, professional communication, computer literacy, and citizenship as well as a PhD candidate in the Urban Education doctoral program at City University of New York. After finishing my masters degree in Applied Linguistics at UMass Boston in May 2013, I began an ongoing exploration of urban studies in education, social theory, political philosophy, critical race theory, postcolonial theory and other academic terrains. I seek to establish an interdisciplinary framework of education in modern times, especially in order to understand what limits and controls it and how it can work to define each of us as citizens.

The name “Ahead of the Hydra” refers to the second labor of the Greek hero, Hercules, in classical mythology. Hercules was sent to kill the Hydra, a terrible monster with nine heads that killed anyone who came near the spring it guarded. The Hydra is a symbol for the many ills plaguing our country today; education is but one part of a system that serves the powerful and strangles the weak.

Yet it is with positivity that this blog is written, and therein lies the second meaning of the name; there can be better times ahead and new ways of reconstructing education as a condition of real democratic change. What lies beyond is up to us to create, once we’ve written enough truth to make the path plain.


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